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Hi, I’m Marci–a new girl to the world of outside sales, especially to selling copiers. Challenges and humor make up every day.

To begin the day, I was a few minutes, literally only three minutes, late to work. I pulled into the parking lot as I saw my out-of-town manager about to exit his car.

Being not very clever, I put my little Mini Cooper behind some bushes on the near side of the parking lot; but that was a useless attempt at hide-and-seek in a bright red car in an empty lot, minus me and him. He waited for me to exit and then frankly stated that I have no excuse to be late, especially since I live near the office. (Mind you, the “office” is a one room 12″ x 12″ with a desk shared by three, an outdated Sharp copier, and a large new Sharp TV monitor hanging off the wall to ooVoo into morning sales training in the Orlando office.)

Morning training continued with my manager having his tampon up the wrong hole. Fortunately, he had to set up an account of mine–this gentleman is a story in itself!–so he let us do our work as we saw fit.

Funny story of the day:

Audrey, the newest sales rep who rode with me, went on a tangent during a product demonstration we had set up in a real estate office.

I was informing the elderly owner that the computer on the copier is similar to an iPad or a Kindle. The realtor took this as a route to inform me she never reads books on her Kindle, it just basically wastes away in her kitchen junk drawer. She did say she used to play games on it–this was Audrey’s opportune time to make it inappropriate.

“You can play games on them just like the Playboy!” Audrey stated.
“Exactly, just like the Playboy.” Realtor nodded with excitement.
“Are you sure you mean Playboy?” Me, freezing.
“Yeah, the Playboy.” Audrey reinforced the incorrect embarrassing meaning.
“Right, on the Playboy.” Realtor again agreed.
“Well, you can store files like leasing applications on this copier to save you time from going to the computer to find the file and back to the copier.” Me, bringing it back around to the copier before the owner could realize the unprofessional tangent emerging.

It was not until an hour later Audrey realized she had meant to say Gameboy and not Playboy. And the realtor agreed! I love some customers! I just hope she buys!