Copier Sales: Locked out and Hurdling Obstacles


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Hi, Marci again.

The world of copiers remains entertaining. In February, I set up a product demonstration to be set on March 3rd at a marina. This must be delivered in the morning, specifically between nine and eleven. Also, it needs a whole puncher. (Yes, copiers can do hole-punching!)

However, logistics missed the boat and had the machine to be delivered at the very end of the day. So I worked my charm and managed to get another one set, they just weren’t available again until today–March 31st!

So Thursday last week, I email logistics to double check it’s all set up for proper delivery today. I should have emailed them last Monday, because it was far from ready. They did not even realize it was supposed to have a hole-puncher! Again, it was not ready. They supposedly scrambled to get it all set and sent to the Ft.Lauderdale office for final configuration where it did not get set up until this morning–and even then it was not ready because they were having technical issues. At 10:07 I realize it’s for sure not going to make it and I race down to city it’s to be delivered in to contact them in person (decreases the chance of cancellation).

After I bound up the steps of the marina, I met one of the owners and the office manager who I set it with. Awesome! The owner even had his dog on his lap. They were both excited to have it coming on Wednesday, as I told them it will be delivered then. Whew! That account is still in the race.

Next, I had to bring numbers to a closing in Vero, which I went in very low. They still want to make it competitive, which my gut told me they would. Aloha!

Immediately following that appointment I headed to the next city north to meet my driver delivering another one of my demos to an account currently in a lease with a competitor. I’ve crunched the numbers and concluded its negative profit for Modular now, but it will be profitable for the company in the long run; plus it’s a couple more G’s towards the President’s Club trip. The driver for this area is awesome and super punctual. He meets me there, we bring it in and leave it for the technician to configure. Piece of cake.

Exiting became an issue. As my driver goes to put his folder in the truck, he realizes he locked the keys inside. Hah! Another hurdle to jump through. I had my tool box in the Mini, and attempted to pry the door open with the tire changing thingy-ma-bob. Failing, we tried to slip many long skinny tools through the window crack.
“Just put it in the hole!” I said keeping a completely straight, slightly concerned face.
“It’s not fitting!” My driver replied.
“Well keep trying!” Internally laughing my ass off I managed to keep a professional face with all the missing, “That’s what she said,” comments that could have been said.

Eventually we had four other people trying to help; the elderly woman with her umbrella and yoga mat, two nurses with a coat hanger, and a gentleman with a paint stirrer. The paint stirrer was the closest to opening the door, but still no cigar. Eventually the volunteer sheriff arrived and saved the drivers day!

After that account I had received a call from the technician that one of my new demos, the one that I bought steak and eggs for, was no longer interested. What?! They contacted me for a copier! Plus I spent an hour with him at lunch listening to him boast of his accomplishments. I actually left with a migraine, but he loved the copier. Now it supposedly won’t do what they need it to. BS! I tried to handle it in person but the decision maker was out. Hopefully I can save that tomorrow.

Ah, the always exciting world of copiers.

Frustrating better describes this type of sales; but I do not have time to be frustrated, only to overcome challenges.



Copier Sales Stories: Playboy


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Hi, I’m Marci–a new girl to the world of outside sales, especially to selling copiers. Challenges and humor make up every day.

To begin the day, I was a few minutes, literally only three minutes, late to work. I pulled into the parking lot as I saw my out-of-town manager about to exit his car.

Being not very clever, I put my little Mini Cooper behind some bushes on the near side of the parking lot; but that was a useless attempt at hide-and-seek in a bright red car in an empty lot, minus me and him. He waited for me to exit and then frankly stated that I have no excuse to be late, especially since I live near the office. (Mind you, the “office” is a one room 12″ x 12″ with a desk shared by three, an outdated Sharp copier, and a large new Sharp TV monitor hanging off the wall to ooVoo into morning sales training in the Orlando office.)

Morning training continued with my manager having his tampon up the wrong hole. Fortunately, he had to set up an account of mine–this gentleman is a story in itself!–so he let us do our work as we saw fit.

Funny story of the day:

Audrey, the newest sales rep who rode with me, went on a tangent during a product demonstration we had set up in a real estate office.

I was informing the elderly owner that the computer on the copier is similar to an iPad or a Kindle. The realtor took this as a route to inform me she never reads books on her Kindle, it just basically wastes away in her kitchen junk drawer. She did say she used to play games on it–this was Audrey’s opportune time to make it inappropriate.

“You can play games on them just like the Playboy!” Audrey stated.
“Exactly, just like the Playboy.” Realtor nodded with excitement.
“Are you sure you mean Playboy?” Me, freezing.
“Yeah, the Playboy.” Audrey reinforced the incorrect embarrassing meaning.
“Right, on the Playboy.” Realtor again agreed.
“Well, you can store files like leasing applications on this copier to save you time from going to the computer to find the file and back to the copier.” Me, bringing it back around to the copier before the owner could realize the unprofessional tangent emerging.

It was not until an hour later Audrey realized she had meant to say Gameboy and not Playboy. And the realtor agreed! I love some customers! I just hope she buys!